On this blog you can sumbit any Lion King confessions, secrets, whether it is a fantasy, something you like/dislike, a favorite character, anything. When you submit, I will use a photo. Unless there is one you would like me to use, then submit that as well and I will use it :) Also, all submissions will be anonymous.
(work with me here this blog is just getting started for now submit confessions in the ask until i can figure out how to get the submit tab up)

REMEMBER: things posted are not my views. they are things that are asked/submitted. also none of these photos are mine unless stated.

NOT ONLY is this a blog for confessions, but stories from when you were little, memories, and lots of things are acceptable :)

samwinchestersgirl29-deactivate whispered, "hi! How do you submit 'confessions?' I would like to know! Thanks!"

Sending a message through the ask is perfect!

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Let’s hear it! 

What are your TLK OTP’s/ships?